Tour Managers' Training

Tour Managers Training

A tour manager has to plan every aspect of a recreational or educational tour. As a tour manager, you must ensure the trip is worthwhile for your clients while making sure the travel plans proceed successfully and the visitors enjoy their vacation. As a tour guide, duties such as designing, packaging tourism products, costing and branding, coordinating travel itineraries, customer care, managing communication, and handling tour guides/ drivers.

Itinerary Design

A great itinerary is key to impressing both prospective and current customers. Before heading off on a holiday, a well-designed itinerary is the only thing your clients have to get to get excited even before departing on their trip. With a great itinerary, your trip will come to life with amazing pictures of where they are going, what they will be able to see, engaging activities they will be partaking in, etc. As a tour manager, you must be able to design a tempting itinerary to build excitement before the tour starts.

Costing Packages

With tourism, one of the key factors for success is the right tour costing and pricing. Set the price too high, people won’t buy. Set it too low and you will go out of business. Prices in the tourism market must be consistent, accurate, and competitive. The cost and price of products are connected with decisions you make in the early stages of product development. You will be trained in the above. Finding an optimal price for your travel products involves researching, doing some math, and trials in order to perfect your ability to accurately cost products.

Tourism Product Branding, Packaging, and Presentation

Companies that produce consumer goods spend considerable effort and money on the design of the product’s packaging. Tourism is a service good. This is why tourism packaging doesn’t involve a physical package surrounding the product. Instead, tourism packaging is the process of putting together or bundling the core tourist product and additional services desired by guests.

Product packaging, branding and presentation have many benefits to you as a tour manager and will help you sell your packages to a broader audience. You will learn how to package your products, the different types of tourism packages, the types of travellers who will purchase your packages, how to develop strategic partnerships with other tourism service providers and how to properly price your packages.

Customer Care

Whether someone is travelling for business or pleasure, the level of customer service they will receive on their trip will determine whether they come back for another visit to they will warn their friends to stay away from your company.  Top-notch customer service is often the difference between a tourist choosing your company or another competitor. These are vital skills you will be learning in all the courses we undertake.