About Us

Africa Institute of Tourism and Field Guiding was established to address three major areas namely Skills Training, Consultancy and Project development.

Since its incorporation in 2017, Africa Institute of Tourism and Field Guiding has been testing ground and recorded tremendous success in the area of skills training and specifically conducted training for field guides and tour operation managers. Little has been done in the areas of Consultancy and Project development. It is worth noting that even in the area of skills training, there has not been a clear curriculum and format followed, the training programs are not formalized and the facilitators are not fully constituted. Despite all these shortcomings,  the Africa Institute of Tourism and Field Guiding has enjoyed support from the collaborating partners due to the uniqueness of the training methodology, which is a critical gap in the tourism sector.

Due to uncoordinated training, an unclear direction in the past and unhandled areas of consultancy and projects development, there was a need to undergo a strategic planning process to help in the strategic repositioning of the institution. 

Similarly, looking at the global perspective, the tourism industry is characterized by increasing changes in approaches and processes used by coordinating institutions and actors to deliver the final products and services to their customers/tourists. The strategic plan is expected to line up new and innovative measures to help enhance the capacity of tourism coordinating institutions and actors to effectively and efficiently deliver the national response for the tourism industry in Uganda.  

Africa Institute of Tourism and Field Guiding believes that one of the ways to achieve this is by developing and improving the skills of tourism actors through practical training.