Nature Guide Training

Nature Guiding Training is one of the courses that is one of our best sellers. These Modules offer Hands-On-Skills courses which are done 70% in the field, with the rest in class with emphasis on customer care and marketing.

Nature guiding course involves 3 whole modules and these include:-

Nature Guide Training

Animal Identification

This module introduces you to the principles and diversity of nature. We familiarize you to identification of mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians. We don’t just show you, we focus on outstanding features, the life history, community breeding, and habitant of the animals.

Knowing the key characteristics of different wildlife species will help you distinguish between similar-looking species, or the ambiguous male/female look-alikes. You give the visitors a greater understanding of nature behavior

Botany Identification

When observing nature, as guides and tourists alike, we cannot help but witness how the animals, birds, and reptiles live their lives in their natural environment. With Botany, we focus on discovering and identifying plants, fruits, roots, and leaves that make mammals, birds, reptiles, and insects habitats.

By learning more about botany, we learn more about the animals, ecosystems, their behaviour, and how they adapt to different changes in their environment.

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