On top of individual tourist training services, we also do consultancy services to both governmental, non-governmental public, private companies, and institutions. We are tourism specialists focusing on company and destination economic tourism development. We are highly respected in the sector and we have worked on several projects covering research, strategic planning, product development, and training companies.


The tourism and travel industry is growing exponentially especially now after the COVID 19 Pandemic. The growth and diversification opportunities are continually growing more so in Africa. This potential is creating a highly competitive market place making it increasingly difficult for some smaller companies to stand out. Whether you manage an attraction, operate a global tourism business, or run a community-based business, you must identify what is special about your establishment so as to market it appropriately.

We help travel brands, destinations, and communities develop innovative and immediate tourism products that will immediately be marketed and consumed by visitors. We start by assessing your establishment and your current clientele. Using market segmentation, our niche market expertise, and competitor analysis we come up with the perfect product to excite your visitors and improve your profits. We always incorporate sustainable tourism and responsible tourism to ensure your project benefits the locals and future tourists.


In this day and age, if a tourism establishment doesn’t have a website or digital presence, you are losing out on a lot of the tourism business. Our ongoing interaction with different businesses has given us a real insight into the tourism industry in Africa. We really understand the challenges businesses face. Our experienced website/app designers and specialists create products that are not only user-friendly but also capture your customers’ attention. They draw customers into the world of the destinations you are selling and make it effortless for them to book online. The team assembles top-notch custom travel sites that have the most recent innovations that will showcase your products. The websites we build are dynamic so that visitors have a smooth experience navigating through the website.


Social media has changed every single aspect of our lives, especially the way we consume products or services. Social media has opened new marketing strategies away from the old traditional marketing methods we have been used to. Tourism, being one of the highest-earning sectors of the global economy, social media has played a huge part in the revival of tourism businesses Post Covid-19 Pandemic. Merging social media into your tourism marketing will lead to excellent results and more profits for your company.

Social media has transformed how people make decisions especially when it comes to travel. People build their trust in an agency based on the reviews they get online. They scout for deals, look up activities, the safety of the destination they will be visiting and so much more. This impacts your customer acquisition, customer retention, and overall reputation.

First-class customer care is at the heart of every successful tourism business company and it makes all the difference when retaining existing customers or even gaining new ones.


In tourism, your brand is the most powerful marketing tool you can harness for your business. Your brand represents your reputation and the promises you make to your potential clients. A brand is not just a logo, a mission or a vision statement. It is more like ideas and feelings that the visitors and employees have when they hear about your business.

It reflects all the interactions you will have with your clientele and what you promise you will deliver when the client allows doing business with you.

We create high-quality written content for your establishment as well as multimedia content like slideshows, videos, infographics, and the like. This can be used to adequately promote your most valued products to the right market segment on your website, social media pages or on brochures.


Photography is everything when it comes to tours and travel businesses. It plays a major part in any company’s marketing business strategy. If the website for your business or establishment is just filled with words, it’s about time to upgrade it with attractive and engaging pictures. Take your website and online content to the next level with professionally taken pictures. We have professional photographers who can come to your hotel/lodge and take pictures that will best showcase your products to your future visitors. For tours and travel companies, we have a large image bank where you can choose the perfect pictures that will visually showcase what services you offer to your clients. We focus on showcasing your business in the best light while focusing on what makes you stand out from the crowd.